Thursday, March 29, 2012

April Wdding Update 2 Days Early

I couldn't wait 2 days to show you this, my April wedding update.
Well a very sneaky peek at it....
You will not see anymore until after the day!!!!

If you are or have been a bride have you shown anyone what your dress is like before the big day?


  1. Yours will be the most creative and beautiful wedding lady!!!! can't wait to see the pics in Nov!

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  2. SQUEEEE! So excited for you!

    I haven't been a bride. I've been a very awesome bridesmaid in a very dreadful dress though. That was fun.

  3. eeeks...i'm not sure yet because I haven't got my design! I know I will be super excited and noone I will be inviting to my wedding followers my blog... THAT I KNOW OF. I am concerned they may be following by email and then I will ruin it on myself... so I don't know, maybe a sneak peek here and there ;)

  4. How exciting!

    Can't wait to see pictures of the big day! x

  5. Cannot wait!!!!!!! Loving your Wedding posts. Even tiny ones like this! Well ben was there when I found my dress, and as it was a bit different I honestly wanted his opinion. Then mum came all the way from red hill to chadstone to see it. i was sure she'd hate it but she loved it (big sign it was meant to be). Then i gradually showed my bridesmaids over the 6 months between finding it & the wedding (whenever we were home & they were able to see it). but i capped it at that, showed no-one else :) & i did try to explain it to people when they asked about it, but it was SO hard to described, no-one had any clue what it would look like. other than strapless :)
    Heidi xo

  6. I got married in 2010, and the only two people who saw my dress was my mum and maid of honour! In didnt want any one seeing it before the big day! I can't wait to see what your dress looks like!!

  7. How exciting! Look forward to the big reveal

    I had my dress made and kept it a secret from everyone till the big day, it's such a fabulous process from the first Calico to the final fitting, your gonna love it !

    Sleekit x

  8. Soooo many people saw my dress before my wedding day :D
    I'm very non-traditional, and that extended to our wedding. My husband (then-fiance) was the first person to see my dress, we were walking past the Collette Dinnigan store in Paddington and saw it in the window, and we both thought it was just perfect. I like that finding it was a shared experience for us

  9. My cousin is getting married and his fiancee is keeping it so hush hush...I love that idea so when she walks down the isle it'll be tons of Oooo's & Ahhh's!! =)

    Lemanie's Randomness Blog

  10. ohh you're getting it made? that's so exciting!
    i have a few pictures of the dress i want and have showed my bridesmaids & my mum only.

  11. You can barely see anything! What a tease! x