Monday, April 30, 2012

Heidi Talks Eggs!!!

Live Love Glow has been a little neglected of late, I blame the move! 
I thought it would be good to start this week with a question that I asked Heidi a long time ago on twitter. When I put it forward to her again for the blog she was able to give me a response that didn't just comprise of 142 characters:

Clear up a question that's been bugging me, how many serves of eggs are recommended weekly for an adult female? 

Dietitians tend to recommend 5-6 eggs per week and I really like to encourage egg consumption in my practice. They’re full of good nutrients – B Vitamins, healthy fats and protein.
While I don’t always eat 5-6 eggs every week, I do think this recommendation is valuable, as it encourages egg consumption. For some time people have been afraid of eggs, fearing them too high in cholesterol. Yes, the yolk is a dietary source of cholesterol but the real contributor to high cholesterol in our diets is all the greasy, fried, fatty and pre-packaged processed foods out there.
Plus, eggs are incredibly satisfying – nothing fills me up quite like two poached eggs on a slice of wholegrain toast. Maybe with a side of spinach and avocado too. Ok, when’s breakfast? 

How do you like your eggs?
Do you eat more or less of the weekly recommendation?



  1. I really love eggs and am loving how there seem to be a revival of eggs being a power food at the moment. I had to restrict myself to having one a day otherwise I'd go overboard, but lately I'd more likely be consuming about 4 to 5 a week because the Husband isn't as big a fan.

  2. I probably eat an egg a day, on average.
    I dont eat yolks - originally back in my ednos heyday because of the calorie content but now the taste is just too rich for me... I have hardboiled as snacks (my dog/s get the yolk), egg white asian omlettes for brekkie (eggwhites, sesame oil, soy, coriander - add tomatoes/spinach/whatevs)
    Sometimes poached when out for brekkie ill get poached but move them to squirt the yolk out not on my toast.. i really hate the yolk!
    My chookies make the best eggs i dont eat any others really...

  3. I love poached eggs with cracked pepper, salad greens and ketchup on wholegrain toast.

    SSG xxx

  4. hahah I always though you could only have 1 egg a week? :( BUT YAYYY so I can have more? Congratulations on moving!! :D

  5. Eggs are my homeboy. Srsly.

    I like them poached or soft boiled.. I got this 'perfect soft boil' recipe from Heston;

    Put eggs in water and bring to the boil (must be with the lid on so it happens as quickly as possible). As soon as they start boiling, turn the heat off, take the lid off and let them sit in the water for 7 minutes. At 7 minutes, take them out and serve immediately. Perfect soft boil!

    xx & cheers to Heidi!

  6. i LOOOOOOVE eggs & am so glad that its okay to indulge in those babies a couple of times a week! in fact its put me in the mood for eggs on toast for lunch :) thanks love!x

  7. I lurve eggs and happily eat them for breakfast, lunch or dinner (not all in one day!) I love going old-school with two boiled eggs and toast "soldiers" hehe
    I tend to eat a little less than the recommendation weekly intake, on my GP's recommendation, as I have relatively high LDL cholesterol (just at the upper margin of what it should be) - I try not to eat more than 3-4 in a week.

  8. Poached. Mainly because I've just discovered how to poach eggs and am now obsessed. Sunday breakfast is 2 poached eggs with avocado and smoked salmon on wholemeal bread.

  9. yay! for a positive egg post. Im sick of people avoiding the yolks because of the cholesterol and then chowing down on a pack of chips! I love eggs, and probably eat about 6-8 a week. Since going low sugar I have definately eaten more eggs then i used to and they are my fave breakie for sure! love them with in an omlette with some cheese and mushrooms!

  10. Grinnnn! Totally good to have eggs for lunch too. And dinner. Breakfast for dinner is always a great idea. Sweet pics, lovely. Live Love Glow.
    Heidi xo

  11. I share egg and soldiers with my son every Sat morn, it's a tradition that started with my dad, he always managed to make the perfect runny egg...

    Sleekit x

  12. We are Paleo, so I'd say I eat a dozen eggs a week. My bad cholesterol is so low my blood sugar has stabilised, and my doctor thinks that 20th century advice on nutrition was a crock, and she's happy with how many eggs I eat.

    I eat them poached, scrambled, fried, made into pancakes and waffles and egg muffins. I love eggs.

  13. Looooove eggs! Good on you Mez for getting Heidi's opinion out there - gotta love her no-nonsense attitude to food!

  14. Ermmm... did my comment just disappear? Was just saying that I like how you've consulted Heidi on this and cleared up the misconceptions. She was a great no-nonsense attitude to food!

  15. I love eggs with their heads cut off, poached on vegemite toast, however, my absolute favourite is an egg, lettuce and mayo sandwich.

  16. i looooove mediumly poached eggs with mushroom polenta bread.

    oh yeah.

    egg whites by themselves are so gross.